How can I use "Get Row Item " in bulk from multiple columns?

Hi there. I want to extract row items from excel spread sheet. The sheet has columns named Column1, Column2, Column3 and has 10 rows with data in each columns.

I created the flow as below, but No.1-3 is too troublesome to define for each columns. Is there any way to do this in a one action?

In For each Row,

  1. Get Row Item (Column1)
  2. Get Row Item (Column2)
  3. Get Row Item (Column3)


Sorry I found my mistake in the process and fixed.


ExcelシートLoop するため

Excel Application Scope のなかしたの①と②ポイントやってください。

①Read Excel Activityつかってください。
②その あと
For Each Rowのなか
get row item つかってください。

@Nara, thank you. I found my mistake in the process and fixed the topic. please refer my first posting again.
I also attached sample file. Regarding “Get Row Item” I do not want to repeat for the number of column… because in my actual work the number of column is 100. (8.6 KB)

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Hello @NatsuOK

This post might help you on this :slight_smile:


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Thank you @aksh1yadav! It is very helpful for me.
Actually i want to assign each row item to different vaiable.
In the zip example, the variable is only 1 named “data”.

If I want to what i wanna do, the only way i can do is nest “For Each”?
Sorry for trouble you because i am just a beginner of programming…

–> for example;

variable = {nameV, ageV, sexV}
colmun_name = {nameC, ageC, sexC}
row1 = {Alex, 25, male}
row2 = {Sara, 30, female}

LOGIC (it seems too terrible)
For each row in DT
----For each item in column_name
--------For each item in variable
------------assign variable.item = column.item
------------do something for each variable
--------For each
----For each
For each row

Why you are creating a variable array?
I have not tried and not sure about it. what about the scope of those variables and how you will create and use those in studio?
or you can use directly column value "Item(“columnName/columnNumber”) inside for each loop.


awesome… done!

thank you very much:)