How can i use folder id instaed of name in get outlook activities?

in get outlook message activity how can i use folder id instead of name


Are you facing any challenges to use Folder Name here ?

the company i work for keep changing the name of the folder without telling me

I don’t think it is possible, I tried to search for the same and did not found anything as such. @Rowley101

Lets see what other forum members think about the same.

@supermanPunch @Gokul001

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You should use Graph API to get folder id.

Hi @Rowley101 ,

Are you trying to read Folders other than Inbox, Sent Items, Calendar and Contacts ?

Is it a Custom Created Folder ?

@Rowley101 Why don’t you store that folder name in config file or Orchestrator assets (more recommended) so that every time they change the folder name you can simply change in the Orchestrator assets

yes it is a custom folder with a custom name. something like

May be you can get the list of folder names from outlook and then validate as you want

Have a view on this for more details

Get Outlook Mail Folders and Sub-Folders List - #3 by Sojan_Davis

Cheers @Rowley101