How can i use firebase in uipath?

To create an Amazon price tracker, I will create an android app and take an amazon product link and target amount, I will store the link and the target amount in a firebase project

Now, in the uipath, I will use the same firebase project to get the link and the target amount string, then I will do my stuff, then I will store the output in the same firebase project, and then I will show the output in the android app.

(To be honest, this is the only way I know of to connect my Android app directly with UIpath; if there is another way such as using an API, please let me know.)

So what I want to know is how to use firebase in UIPath

I have searched for it but did not find any good sources for implementing firebse in UIPath

According to what I understand, this package only connects to the firebase, but what if I need to add something to the firebase?

Hello @sagar.raval

Can you please check the below.