How can I update UiPath Community?

Hi, I need to force an update to my UiPath Studio Community. I downloaded the latest version of UiPath Community installer but when I try to install it, it asks me for a license. Is there any other way to manually force an update on my current version?

Thank you

Hello @Aguirre_Cristobal

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You need to connect to the orchestrator and assign the license.


Hi @Aguirre_Cristobal

Welcome to UiPath community

Check out the docs

A Step-by-Step Guide to UiPath Installation.


can’t I just force the update on the community version without a license?

But are you able to open the studio? As per my understanding if you download the community, then you need to connect to the cloud to access it.


Yes, I am able to open the studio and create projects in it. When I installed the community version I selected the standalone option, which allowed me to use UiPath Studio without a license

Thanks for your help