How can i train data in ai fabric

I created a dataset and trained it with a pipe pine. However, the following error occurred.

The packages used are:


Hi @SOL2,

You need a GPU to be able to retrain Invoice model, did you have one allocated to your pipeline? If not this might be the issue.


@Jeremy_Tederry, Thank you for answer.

I am currently using an Enterprise Trial license.
As shown in the figure below, since there is no GPUs license, it seems that [ML Packages> Out of the box Packages> UiPath Document Understanding> Invoices] package training is not possible.

Question 1. Without GPUs license, [ML Packages> Out of the box Packages> UiPath Document Understanding> DocumentUnderstanding] Package training is also impossible, right?

Question 2. Is there any way to train a package without GPUs? (about ‘Document Understanding’, not anything else)
If I upload a package with training model using the’Upload zip file’, is the package trained in the pipeline?

Thank you.

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You’re right Invoice training during trial is not possible but:

Question 1: You can train DocumentUnderstanding model without GPU, it may be slow if you have a lot of documents but it will work. Invoices and Receipts won’t work without GPU (we are working on this and we’ll deliver soon a new version of these models that will be trainable on CPU for small dataset).

Question 2: If you upload your own ML Package using Upload zip file option it will be trainable with CPU only (as long as you provide training code and that your training code allows training on CPU).


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Hi is there any guide I could follow for creating the data set for Document understanding Invoice? Also how do I exactly retrain the ML Skill? Do I just run it in the pipeline as train pipeline?

Hello JC_Lim,

I hope this video would help you. If shows how to train and create pipelines for ML packages in AI fabric.

Hi Thank you for the tutorial. One thing I still don’t understand is how to Setup Dataset specific for Document Understanding.

@SOL2 Hey can you please guide me basic tutorial for AI fabric so that i can start from scratch.
Any video link will also work.

Have you find how to create dataset for Invoice scrapping?

No. Still no luck. it seems there is a separate training or tutorial for this but not sure where to find it

@JC_Lim There is a feature called Data labelling , that is availabie in AI Fabric on pre-release.
This allows you to add a batch of 10 or more documents.
Then you can label each field you wish to etract.
It allows you to setup Training or test data.
It is currently available from UIPath on pre-release.
To obtain, You have to register here

Once you gain access to UIPath Insider you can request acesss to Data Manager\Labeling in AI Fabric . It may take a few days to get access, if you havent recieved it in a few days , apply again.