How can I switch to the community from enterpise trial?

I click the “Try UiPath Free” ,when I tried to download the UiPath Studio from the . Then it was jumped to login the Automation Cloud with registering the enterpise license for 60 day trial. When I found out, it was too late, and the account had been registered as an enterprise trial.

I tried to install the UiPathStudioCommunity.msi which is copied from another desktop. It showed enterpise trial after I logined in.

So, how can I switch to community edtion from enterpise trial after the trial is expired?

Hey @DerrickZhong

It may not be allowed if you are using Enterprise email account but not personal.

But still support team will be the best point of contact for this.


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Hello @DerrickZhong

Welcome to UiPath community!

Please refer to the below post. It would help you!!

Thanks for your helps. I will try it after the Enterpise trial expired.

Hi @DerrickZhong

I’m new to UiPath community, and unfortunately did the same (i.e., acxtivated trial version of Enterprise edition, but now wanted to move back o community)

I saw your post here, can you kindly verify whether you were able to use community edition after your trial version expired? as mentioned above?