How Can i Store the Seperate Sheet Data in seperate DataTable?

hello< I want to Store the CY Sheet Data in DT1 DataTable.

Same as Above, I want to store PY Sheet Data in DT2 DataTable.

And I also want to Fetch this Respective Sheet Name.

Here’s One Excel Contains the CY, PY Sheet.


Check the below workflow for ref (10.1 KB)

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Dear Ushu,
are you free atm can i request if you can help on zoom
regarding my sap condition to paste data in sap textbox from a particular point

Thank You @ushu for Reply…

my Exact point is different i will try to Explain you in detail

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Use Excel application scope and pass the PATH

Now use get workbook sheets activity in output-> Create a variable the type of this variable is List(String)

Use for each and inside the for each use Read range->Output->Dt pass the item in sheet

You will get the one by one sheet and the data will be stored in the Dt variable

Now use the if Condition


Then Block: Perform the Actions
Else block: Perform the PY Actions


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@kishan.savaliya Sure. Please create a different post for that

@Rahul_Singh_Kamboj. I have few back to back meetings. Please post your question in a different thread. Will try to resolve your issue

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