How can I stop the process after running for 1 hour (should stop acitvity)?

Hello, I have a process that has independent queue transactions and process them one by one. My manager told me to modify the process to stop after 1h and then restart the process after a 30 minutes. He told me that I can do this by using “Should stop” activity

He said that by doing this a process don’t block the robot for other pending processes that may take less time to run.

I did not use reframework.

How can I do this?


Shpuld stop activity might not help you in this scenario as that would work when manually someone select stop process option from the jobs menu in orchestrtaor…

If we want the bot to stop automatically after one hour then we can use a if condition before getting new transaction and check if the time has crossed 1 hours…

For this we can store the start time of the bot in a variable and then take thw differenc eof time… but this would not resume the process after 30 mins automatically…

So you can tey using resume after delay activity which will resume the bot after specified time

Please check this


Can you tell me how to get that difference of time?

Hi @adrianab.98 ,

Firstly, You would need to create a DateTime type variable at the Start of the Process and Store the Current Time value in it like below :

StartProcessTime = Now

Next, In the Get Transaction Data workflow you would require to check if the Current Time and Start time has a difference of 1 or greater than 1 Hour, then use the Resume After Delay Activity.

The Check can be done using the If Activity with the expression below :


Let us know if you still need more details.