How can I stabilize a download from internet explorer¿?


I am having problems when performing a download from Internet Explorer.

When I try to download the file I click on the “Save” button and then “X”.

The result with these buttons is irregular. Sometimes the robot is lost when it has to interact with these buttons and others do it well. I have tried the “web recording” and the activitie “click image”

Has anyone had this same problem and can provide an idea to stabilize the download?

Thank you very much


Hi @Yur

I was actually going to implement a download from IE in one of my projects, but didn’t reach that step yet.
After concluding that it is no longer possible to set IE to save the file automatically, I left it for now.

However, in this situation I would use the Select Relative Element in UiExplorer.

First, you select the ‘save’ button with the Select Target Element arrow:
Then, you select the entire orange box with the Select Relative Element arrow:

This method saved me many times already and it should generate a reliable selector.

Let us know how it went (or include screenshots of the selectors for more context)


Thank you very much!

Hi @Yur
You can also try with the Click Relative and indicative the position. This is other option to use. Just give a try.


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Thank you very much for your suggestion.

Finally I was able to solve the problem.


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