How can I SSH connect to Linux server via Uipath studio activity?

I want to connect server via SSH in way of activity in Uipath studio.
It doesn’t install TTerm, OpenSSH and other SSH connect tools.
It just install cmd and RDP on server uipath installed.

Have a look at this activity and see if it helps,

Rammohan B.

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Link doesn’t work.

I had a look into marketplace, but package manager doesn’t find it on feed.

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UiPath Go link no longer works.

I hope you are looking for this:

You can download the package and place them manually in your local package source or you can connect marketplace to your studio.

I hope this helps.

Thank you.

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I discovered that it is not compliant to .net version 6
I’ve asked on github project if someone is able to update it

Thanks for support!!

I haven’t noticed that. I have several processes using SSHConnector.Activities in production (Windows Legacy, not updated yet)

@Sorin_Calin are there any plans to update package? Thanks in advance for your help

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