How can I split text that is saved in a variable

Hey. How can I split text that is saved in a variable? My robot gets text using activity “get text”. The text looks like this: a;b;c;d - four values separated by a conjunction.
I want each of the four words written in a different variable.
How can I do it?
I’m working on StudioX.

You wouldn’t write them into separate variables. You’d write them into an array. Create an Array(of string) variable. Then assign yourArrayVar = Split(textVar,“;”)

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Use set variable value activity and pass the below synatx as per your requirement

if you want entire in a single value

create an array of type string








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Thank You! It’s work! :star_struck:

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Hi @sullivanne

input= "a;b;c;d"
FirstValue= input.Split(";")(0)
SecondValue= input.Split(";")(1)
ThirdValue= input.Split(";")(2)
FourthValue= input.Split(";")(3)

Refer the below image for better understnading.

Hope it helps!!

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Assigning all these things to individual variables is extra work for no reason.

As I said, create an array of string and assign the Split to that. Then when you want to access the values you just use yourArrayVar(0) yourArrayVar(1) etc

Much simpler less overhead.

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