How can I Split excel row into array?

I want to read an excel row and split it into an string array so I can later copy each column and use it, but i cant get it working, can someone help me?

You do not need this. Columns can be directly addressed from the row element using the headers as row(“Column Header”).tostring

It doesnt works for me it says: Strict On doesn’t let implicit conversion from string to Integer. (SalidaRow is the Read row Output

Yes. you need to do an explicit conversion there. Try cint(salidarow(“whatever”).tostring)

@c.ciprian same error with that.


Are you using a for each row activity to loop through your datatable? You have yo loop through a datatable and get the values using the above command

@Lahiru.Fernando I dont want to loop on any datatable, i want to read a specific row (A2) on an excel and put both column values into an array. Im using Read Row activity.

This is the excel im using.
word.xlsx (8.8 KB)

Try this

Dt_excel is the datatable

Dt_excel(1)(0) to acess row 1 and column 0 which is column A


Error: Option Strict On don’t lets link on execution time.

If I put only SalidaRow(0) it shows me the first row value but enters in a infinite loop, don’t know why.

Ok I know why theres a infinite loop, its my bad haha. thanks for the help :smiley:

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Okay, im still new in the forum, I don’t even knew it :smiley:

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no worries… we are all here to help you guys while learning and improving ourselves… :slight_smile:


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