How can i solve this error when running in cloud cross platform? Running perfectly in local but when published and while running getting this error

Hi @Arvind_Karthigayan

A zero-byte file means that there is no data being stored in the file and the length of the file also becomes zero. In other words, the file contains no content that can be written and read. When a file becomes 0 bytes, it usually means that something goes wrong with the file system or storage device .

I stored the variable as ilocal resource should i change it when running in cloud hence no data error?
If yes what is that package for localresource to cloud?

  • The following command publishes the Sample process to the Orchestrator Tenant Processes Feed:
    UiPath.Studio.CommandLine.exe publish --project-path "C:\Users\username\Documents\UiPath\Sample\project.json" --target OrchestratorTenant --notes "Fixed a couple of bugs."
  • The following command publishes the same process to a local folder:
    UiPath.Studio.CommandLine.exe publish --project-path "C:\Users\username\Documents\UiPath\Sample\project.json" --target Custom --feed "C:\Users\username\Desktop\myfeed" --notes "Fixed a couple of bugs."