How can I set up the "NewUserPassword" in the Properties in the "Manage PDF Password" activity based on a Excel file database?

I’m already able to put a NewUserPassword on the Properties ( “1” in the below example)

Now, I want to protect my file with the Birth date(password) if Lookup filename is found and put this Birth date(password) under the field “NewUserPassword”.

How to do that? Do you have an idea? Should I use a lookupdatatable activity?

Thanks in advance for yourhelp

hI @mce

Yes you can use lookup datatable and get the row index and set your target column as Birth date(Password) and create a variable in cell value to get that and use it


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Can you show me an example?

Have you used Lookupdatatable in your previous projects?


And how will you differentiate each PDF with the name right

So use like this

Look up value : Margrit Hirschi
Column Name or Column Index field anyone should be filled : “Name” or 1

Target Column Name or Column Index must be filled in order t get the cell value: “Birth date (password)” or 2

And create variable in cell value you will get the value as 20211207 and you can use this variable in your manage password


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