How can I set conditional breakpoints on Data Scraping?

I am learning conditional breakpoints, but I am not sure how to use them in extract structured data.

Suppose I want to add a break point when a particular number of extracted data is reached
If maxnoofresults is set to 100, I want to add a conditional breakpoint that pauses the execution at 20

Is there a way to do that?

Ypu can enter the value how much you needed “20”
if need every thing select “0”

that’s a different thing, what im asking is that i want to pause the execution when the extracted data reaches 20 even the maxnoofresults is 100

i want a conditional breakpoints

Hey @sagar.raval ,

No we can’t use the breakpoints in between the extraction…

If you wants to wait for the particular row. We have to use the 2 data scraping activities… this is not a good practice…

Once we extracted the data we can get the data by using for each row activity…

I hope you understand…


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@sagar.raval , No its not possible, Instead of that , scroll the page before data scrapping,
once loaded, start the data scraping activity
Use element exist and flow decision and scroll activity

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