How can I send a report mail through drifferent email addresses given from a excel sheet?

Hi friends,

I have an automation process where I do some stuff and then I need to send a report of the job to an given email named in a excel sheet.
For each time the automation process runs, it can contain various excel sheets each with different or the same email addresses based on which employee the case belongs to.

I fetch the email adresses in the queue process, and are stored in Orchestrator.

My problem is that for each employee I’d like to report only on their cases, and by now the report is only sent to the first email in the array.

Can someone please help me?


You can use For Each if you have a list variable of Emails
Inside the For Each you can place Send email activity

Hope this may help you



I do already use For each, and I do not get the result I want.
As is, all the email adresses get a mail with a report form all cases of the day.

And I’d like the given emails to get just the cases linked to them.

Did that make more sense?

Load the spreadsheet into a datatable with Read Range.

Create a second DT that contains just the email addresses.

Loop through the second DT, and for each email address filter the original DT into a third DT based on matching the current email address in the loop.