How can I send a command using JOB when the machine has blocked with user and password?

Hello, everyone.

We’ve been testing the UI Path platform (Studio and Orchestrator) since last week and we got a doubt. I would like know how can I execute a job from Orchestrator even that the machine who’s has installed the Robot, has blocked.

Do I need a server, like Win Server 2012 R?

Please explain more about “blocked”? What does it mean?

I means, “Lock your PC or switch people/user”.

Is it clear now?

PC is blocked → Windows 7,10 are also ok
switch people/user → Windows server is required

So, how can I solve this problem when the PC is locked?

Hi everyone,

So, my pc coudn’t have permission to do something, and then, I had do it in another pc.

It worked!

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