How can I sell the idea that UiPath to my department/office

Hi, I want to convince my upper management to allow for UiPath to be installed on my work PC to mess around with and to do the training on company time to support the installing of UiPath.

People of this forum, do you have any suggestions to help future readers and myself with this issue? Do you have any stories on how you over came this struggle?

This will of course depend a lot on the type of office you work in and how managers feel about spending time exploring new tools. Your best bet is going to be quickly establishing value, so that management understands that paying you to spend time training will save them money in the long run.

To that end, you’ll want to target the “low-hanging fruit” first. These are processes that are fairly simple but have a high return value. The Academy Business Analyst Training can help you identify which processes are likely easy to automate and which may be harder. Map out a few processes at a high level so that you know how you’ll be automating.

For each process I would create a one-page overview of the steps required for automation. Something simple like:

  1. Check inbox for emails
  2. If an email with an excel sheet exists save it to my pc
  3. For each row in the excel sheet update one record on a website
    You may not know how to do these steps but you’ll know that they need to be done.

Once you have the high-level overview it’ll be easier to make your case to management. If they know that you have a game plan and a specific process or two picked out for testing then (in my experience) they’ll be far more likely to allow you to spend work time training with the UiPath software. RPA can create tons of value by automating tedious processes, it’s up to you to sell that to management.

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This is very helpful thank you! @DanielMitchell

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Hi @The_Dudeman_sweet,

You may want to automate a small project and make it as your POC (Proof of Concept). Ensure that you were able to document benefits from the project, both financial and operational. Then you may do a crash course on RPA awareness highlighting its potential.

Good luck!

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