How Can I Select Using String Input Into A Label

How To Make click to the right table from data if i want to choose
inside selector like this

Hi @marvin_ariel_johannes,

You can replace ‘MOBILE’ with a variable. Your selector should look something like:

“webctrl aaname=’” +variablename+ “’ tag=‘SPAN’”

it should using assign or we can change in edit selector?

Hi @marvin_ariel_johannes,

You can edit the selector in the Click Activity under the Target section. Your selector would look like:

"<html app='chrome.exe' title ='DummyBugs MGU Diskon Denda Side LO' /><webctrl aaname='MOBILE' parentid='first-level-content' tag='SPAN' />"

Just replace MOBILE with a variable containing the label of the button you’re trying to click. It should look similar to this:

"<html app='chrome.exe' title ='DummyBugs MGU Diskon Denda Side LO' /><webctrl aaname='"+variableName+"' parentid='first-level-content' tag='SPAN' />"

You may need to update your selector to remove the parentid. Check the selector on each button using UIExplorer to see if all the buttons contain that parentid. If not, remove the parentid.


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