How can i select only available numbers(26-31) instead of grayed out numbers using click activity from this datepicker?

Screenshot (14)

Can anyone help me to achieve this task.Please ping me if there a chance to ignore all grayed out values of previous month and click activity should work only on available numbers of august.

Hi @sirisha_adunuri,

You can use UiExplorer to explore all the properties of the element.
There will definitely be a property which is different for greyed out dates.
For example in the redbus site, its the class property thats different for past, current and future dates.
Playaround with all the properties, you will get for sure.
Hope this helps.
Happy coding! :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for the positive response @Udhay .
Actually i have used one property like aastate=enabled but ended up with failure.I will definitely look into some other properties in Uiexplorer to achieve this task.

Hi @sirisha_adunuri
Did you find any way to fix this issue ? i am facing a same problem with you.