How can I seen my certification grade?


Recently I gave the practical exam. It is just telling your status is certified.
How can I see my grade?

Hi @GargiMitra,

We don’t get the grade, the exam just gives the status whether we are certified or not.

Below the status you should be able to download the certificate.

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Oh ok…thank you.

@GargiMitra Go to UIPath academy .

  1. Go to home page ,click on tab above home option.
  2. Click my activities .
  3. Click on courses .
    You can see your all certification with your score.

There is no certification info in Uipath academy

though in uipath certification platform my status is

why I can’t see that in uipath academy? email address is same for both of them.

Hi @GargiMitra,

Uipath academy is for completing the basic and advanced training.
Whereas uipath advanced certification, helps you become a certified engineer in uipath.

ok, thanks.

you are clicking on “certification” in my activities , click on “Courses” in my activities.


GargiMitra is requesting, where he can see grades for Advanced Certification from uipath which is free till 31st March 2019 and not Advanced training courses.

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