How can I see which is the priority for each transactionItem?


I have a scenario where I need to know which priority is for each transactionItem. I have tried to use “in_transactionItem.priority.toString” but throw an error


@daniel.canas Remove .ToString and try once. Expression should like the below one



Also, you can get the priority of the current transaction item that the bot is currently trying to process

I’m going to ask the usual followup question other than ‘have you tried turning it of and on again?’:

Can you please share the error? Message / screenshot etc.
It’s hard to see what’s wrong if you just state: it’s not working.

Please check in_TransactionItem is not null before trying,

Because nothing wrong in the below statement.


maybe better to check in advance if prio is set:
If(isNothing(in_transactionItem.Priority), “Undefined”, in_transactionItem.Priority.toString)

I can see spell mistake in transaction_item, Probably the transaction data is not passing to right argument.

Check in_transactionitem value in immediate panel once

Ohh ¡Yes! I forget to put the argument.

Thank you so much.

Don’t you hate overlooking those tiny things :slight_smile: Never develop or debug without being topped off with cafeïne!

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