How Can I Search for and Download the Related Documents According to the Specific Quarters?

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I am not able to upload the attached screen shot to get better understanding, however hope to explain myself very well. Let’s get start with, I have document informations like a table on a website. This table of contents (columns) are file names (with link), valid to, issued by, received on, and most important column is display certificate ( with link). Meantime, I have 4 quarters such as :
Q definitions:
Q1: Documents expected to be uploaded from March 15 to April 15.
Q2: Documents expected to be uploaded from June 15 to July 15.
Q3: Documents expected to be uploaded from September 15 to October 15.
Q4: Documents expected to be uploaded from December 15 to January 15.

Long story short, among these files, whichever Q we are in, the file with the Q and the expression of the relevant year is searched.
For example: For September 2021, there should be a file like “…… Q3 2021 ……”

I have used data scraping but it does not download documents but copy table like text.

Thank you in advance for your helps.


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First, there was no screenshot in your post

so if Q1,Q2 are links then you can check the selector, open in UiExplorer

And you can pass the variables which will act as a dynamic selector

Hope this will help you


Firstly, thank you for your helps. As I said before, I am not allowed to upload screen shot on my post. File names ( with inks) are not stable for ex. ( like 12143kkfgdk Q2 2021 HJFHGJF or dghdgh Q4 2020 866585). That is why I did not get how to set up variables. By the way, There are lots of files and pages on this website. That is why I need to review all of them to find and download related document.

Thank you again.


If the site is public you can share the link

Or you want the file to download which has Q, so you can make a dynamic selector as


So this will click which matches Q1 2021, Q2 2021, Q3 2021, Q4 2021

You can pass the year as variable also

Hope this will help you


It is not public. But I do not have any idea how to go into files with name Q1 Q2… when we are in that quarter. If i need to use assign activity, then how i can do assign variable and expressions? I got the dynamic selector but i need to go to the file whenever we are in that quarter.


Pls use the below expression in assign activity to get the current quarter and year. After that you can use this variable dynamically in your selectors to perform your desired actions. I hope it might help your requirement. Thanks.

QuarterMonthAndYear = “Q”+(Math.Floor(DateTime.Today.Month/4)+1).ToString+now.ToString(“yyyy”)

Thank you @kirankumar.mahanthi1 for your help. I just wonder is it working if i have quarters not like December 1to January 1 or September 1 to October 1, but i have quarters like December 15 to January 15… to download that file clicking its name ( name is with link) ?. By the way, whenever my quarter is changed, the files that I will be searching for will be different cause its name. I think i need to use if loops for that.