How can i search a big sentence a from an Excel fil in Word file (4-5 sentence) plz?

How can i search a big sentence a from an Excel fil in Word file (4-5 sentence) plz?

What i want is to search that : image

here (Word document) :

But for several text in excel


Do you want to see whether excel file value exist in word file or not ?


Yes exactly


Please have a look at the attached file, it will help and make sure to install Word activites from manage packages. (18.0 KB)

Let me know in case of any question.



i can’t open it correctly, i installed the word activity.

That’s a for each row which i had used, it might be becoz of version difference, Just use latest version of excel activities too.

My excel activites version is 2.10.2-preview.

Same my friend

The process you sent is not exactly the same i want.

What i want is to search a text from exel in a world file not the reverse

Sorry buddy , i just check my mistake.

Refer this updated one this is also working fine.

Use this condition to check whether word file contains excel value or not.

Or refer the attachment . (18.2 KB)

Can you tel me which activity i need ?


Am not sure which thing is creating issue.
Just see these screenshots and take idea of logic.

Here, i am reading the word document and storing it in string variable using word activities.
After that i am reading the excel file using the read range of workbook.

Here i am looping through the excel data using for each row activity, and using assign i am extracting cell value of row at 0 index.
In if statement , i am giving a condition str_WordText.Contains(str_ExcelWord).
If it is true then print “Yes”, else “No”

Hope it helps you.

Ok it works, but now i want the search a specifique text (From excel in word)

For exemple text Cell 1 in Word

why do you use for each row ? in our example there is only one text to search

If you want to search only one word then don’t use loop.
I had used just for demo purpose.

Assign the only cell1 value to variable and check that.

Just remove the loop.

See do like that, in the image i am extracting single value from column 0 .


Ok but now i need to search a specific text in several cell.

Cell1 : Text 1 / Cell2 : Text 2 … Cell50

What is a fastest way to do it plz ?


You can run a loop on datatable variable, and extract only the column values and using if statement check if the cell value is equal to your text value.


Yes but i need to change the text in cell with some variable i took it from an other excel file.

1st step : Collect the information from the 1st excel
2nd step : According to the information in the 1st excel i will search some cell or not in the 2nd Excel
3rd step : when the bot will find the good cell with text, it will change the text with a variable took it from the 1st excel file
4 step : Copy and past that new text in a new sheet and in a new cell
5 step : Check if that new text is on the word file