How can I run UiRobot.exe in a hidden window?

UiRobot.exe always seems to open in an empty command window.
Is there a way to run UiRobot.exe as a hidden or minimized window?

This suggestion does not work or me. ( UiRobot.exe argument to hide or minimize the UiRobot window?)

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Dim WShell
Set WShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
WShell.Run "(YourInstallationPath)\UiRobot.exe -file (PathOf)\project.json", 0
Set WShell = Nothing

Save as myLaunchScript.vbs and run it
wscript myLaunchScript.vbs

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Thank you for the suggestion.
But is there no /min argument for UiRobot.exe?

Minimizing the startup speed is important, so the less additional code to simply run UiRobot, the better.

The window is not robot’s window (robot has no UI) but the command prompt’s window in which context the robot is running.

But there is a trick how to start command prompt minimized:



I used the powershell solution described in your link.
However, this does not fully hide with popup command window, but it does vanish shortly after showing.
Thank you.

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