How can I run the process record xaml again when the number of transaction items reaches 100 in Reframework?


I use reframework. When the number of transaction items (partners) from Dispatcher processed in the performer reaches 100, I will ask it to rerun the invoke process record workflow. Consider that there are 5000 transaction items, let the process record xaml run for every 100 items. But the arguments confused me.

Please help me! :slight_smile:

@merve5… Let me recite your question. Let us say you have 5000 transaction items, but the process has to run only for every 100th item? Correct me if I’m wrong…

If you have to run for every 100th Transaction item then you have to look for Transaction Number variable/argument. Get the Transaction Number value to your Process.xaml, there you have to write an If condition to process the Record.xaml.

I want it to run process workflow again after every 100th item

Yes… I got it… You have to run a process for every 100th transaction…
So you can write your if condition like:

if(in_TransactionNumber Mod 100 = 0)
   < Your Process will be executed >

So that condition will satisfy every 100th item.

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