How can I run a workflow thats created on one systema nd try to run the same just with robot in the other?

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Your inputs will help me a big deal. I’ve been trying to look up for answers here in the forum but since I wasn’t able to track down the right answer. Here’s my question:

I have a workflow that needs to be run as an exe file in a system that cannot have the RPA software installed. Now, since the .exe option is no longer supported we are okay with running the Xaml by invoking it. Secondly, since the Upathirobot needs to be there in any case to run t from a different system I need help with the below:

1.How do I just install the robot on this new machine? I tried using the community version but it would install the whole for me. I just need the robot. I even tried just copying the Uipathrobot.exe file from the system which has the Uipath installed but it wouldn’t work in the 2nd system and gives an error

  1. Once I have the robot setup how do I run that workflow thats created by me?
  1. You can’t install only robot in community edition that is one of the things mentioned when you download the community edition.
  2. You need to register your machine and robot in orchestrator then you deploy your xaml in orchestrator and then you would get option to run it in three ways, manually from orchestrator, second manually from robot try on your new machine, third you can schedule it in orchestrator.
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Hello @Ayesha_Siddiqa

If you are using the community edition, you cannot download the robot separately. You have to go for the enterprise edition to do this. Through that, you can get the robot downloaded and installed without the Studio.

For your next question, if you have the orchestrator, you can get the workflows published to the orchestrator through Studio. Then you can connect the robot with Orchestrator and run the program as needed. However, if you dont have the orchestrator, you can get the Studio to publish the workflows to a local folder as a nugpkg file. Next, in robot settings we can point it to that particular folder to look for published workflows so that we can run it from the robot tray

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Awesome Fernando!! thankyou so much for your prompt response. But one challenge that I’m facing here is that I’m unable to install just the robot. I am selecting just the Uipath robot from the advanced options at the time of installing but in the end I see the entire studio setup. How can I have just the robot installed. Also for the following steps you suggested is there a document I can look up for connecting the robot to the studio package?. Your response is highly appreciated!!

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You can refer to this…

I will add the other docs soon… I’m on my way home

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