How can i retrieve data from command prompt. I have used GetOCR, Get Visible Text GetText and data scrapping also, but unable to fetch the data. Please help me. Thanks in advance


use clip command and get from clip board activity.

  1. ping|clip
  2. get from clip board activity to variable.


what this ping|clip

that is command sample, if you enter it to command prompt, ping command result will be set to your clip board. then you can get the value to variable with uipath activity.

I want to get from vm machine where I am using command prompt but it is not fetching data from vm. But I am running the code from local machine.

ah, then that’s depends on your vm setting. I think you need change your vm setting, otherwise you need send mail or something to extract your data from vm,

Its working with Get from Clipboard.

ok, if so, please push solution button to identify which answer solves your problem. that’s good way for latter questioner.

Hi @mohammed_zain

use send hot key as Ctrl+A
Use send hot key as Ctrl+C
Use copy selected text activity or screen scrapping


If I want to copy particular data then.

Hi @mohammed_zain

Use regex or string manipulations


I read this value from command prompt but it is not displaying on screen shot as I have used “matches activities” in uipath. How to get this value as shared in below screenshot.

Hi @mohammed_zain

Use click and copy selected text


Hii Ashwin.

How can I save the value.

PuttyApp.xaml (24.3 KB)

Please help out for this code. Thanks a lot Advance.