How can I replace column value in CSV

Dear all,

I have two CSV file (CSV1 and CSV2).
CSV1 is temprary user list. CSV2 is All user’s list.
I want to replace Column (Role) in CSV1 with the Role in CSV2.

How can I directly replace specific column CSV1 with other CSV files?
is there such replace function in CSV file?

CSV1 column
EmpID, Name, Role, CardID

CSV2 column
EmpID, Name, Role, CardID

This will be use full please check it

copy one to (9.7 KB)

Dear Indra,

Thank you very much for your help and file.
It was very informative for me.

But just wondering if you have any idea how to do the same in CSV file?

@Kn.opp Check attached zip file (5.5 KB)

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Thanks indra!