How can I rename a file using the .pdf extension?

I try to improve 1 of my robot using Read pdf text activity instead of Read pdf with ocr.

I use read pdf text activity together with a matches to recognize a special character in the pdf.
Thats working fine. The only things I m not able to do is to put the “.pdf” extension at the end of the name.

How can I add the extension without having the below error?

Basically I want to rename teh file APINSVEL_75291693_1.PDF by the name WK 10-22-STC RABO XML EUR.pdf

I’m able to renamed to WK 10-22-STC RABO XML EUR but I’m not able to put the .pdf at the end. Do you know why?

HI @mce



Try this expression

New File name +Path.GetExtension(FileName)


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