How can I remove the last two excel rows using Excel activities?

Hello, I want to delete the last two rows from an excel sheet. How can I do this using Excel activities? I saw a lot of examples, but with data table and other acitivities.


Use a for each excel row activity and then give the sheet you want to read…

Excel.Sheet("Name").RowCount would give you the count of rows in excel…

Use a if condition where you can use a counter and check if counter value is equal to rowcount or rowcount-1 and if yes use deletw row activity

Counter should be incremented in every iteration so use counter = counter +1

I tried this and it looks that this activity get row by row until it arrives at the last row. When I have many rows it appears like the activity does nothing, but on small excels it works.


Then donot use for loop instead to delete row you can pass the row number to delete which would be the count of rows and count of rows - 1 …which you will get from the same count function above…then no loop is there and only two delete row activities


I got it, I used Find First/Last Data Row

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