How can I read range excel from last time break row?

As title,I am reading excel by read range and when the error happen I should retry the project and start from the first row again.Is any idea can retry the last break row by retry scope or something?

It deppends on what type of “error” happens.

If the process fails/terminates completely you will need to store the last position in some persistent storage (file/database) and read it from there after process restart.


Thanks bro. I set a check column in excel when I finishing the job once a time. However, it’s another question that if the Robot can’t find the element in the screen. The application will have a pop-up window with “System error occurred” message and showdown when I click the confirm button.How should I design the retry scope when the timeout error happen? because I can not predict the time the error happen. Thanks

It deppends… The screen element shows with a long delay or not at all?