How can I read an email with the respective termination


I need to read the emails strictly for “@”, because there are several people who send me an email with the respective termination at the end. Now, I managed to do only with “[From]=Aaa Bbb”, but I need for all the people who send me an email with the respective termination.
Can you help me, please? Thanks!!

Hi @BID,

Try something like this “item.From.Address.Contains(”")"


For this, I have to use the if function?

Yes, first use Get Mail then use For Each and inside you have to use If condition.


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this expression would actually do that if used in FILTER property of GET OUTLOOK MAIL ACTIVITY, because rather using a IF condition and then filtering out, might be a big process as we have the option to filter while getting the list of mails from outlook itself…
did that expression helped us on this
or may i know what was the issue you were facing
Cheers @BID

Thank you for your kindness!
Is the variable type string? When I write the condition, I can’t find “from”

Hi Palaniyappan,

The expression used by me was filtered outlook

Hi @BID, Please check your For Each type is in System.Net.Mail.Mailmessage, then only you would be getting “From” filter.


Thanks @AnandKumar26 !

Thanks @Santhosh_Hyd !

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