How can i read a value of a specific cell in column A dynamically corresponding to the cell in column A

Column A contains several file name and column B has their path, i want to read path for the corresponding file without hardcoding the cell number.


You can always place variable in cell.
like “B”+ number

@Aishwarya_Thakur Read excel file and store output in datatable variable. Then use following command.

UrdatatableVariable.Select("[Column A]=‘filename’"),CopyToDataTable()(0)(1).toString

It will give u desired value.

Create variable for cell…


And define that variable as you want…


Read range --> get DataTable–> for each datarow activity like item(“B”)+item(“A”)
or row(0)(“B”)+row(0)(“A”)

hi @bala_subramanyam i tried read range and fetched the data using two separate get row item activity for column A and column B and store it in a variable, but now the issue is that whole data of column A is in the variable and when i am trying to print it is giving filenames in entire column A while i want a file name(which can be at any row number) from the collection.How can i do that?

use read range activity with range specified as “” i mean blank collect datatable,
use for each data row activity on datatable, you can get individual row.