How can I populate the date in a calendar


I need to extract date from an excel (for example 22.12.2019) and find the date on a website in a calendar like this:
I can’t write with Typeinto.
Can you help me, please?


Use Set Web Attribute and give value attribute and text as


Ashwin S

I can’t …


Can you share the datepicker website link?

Hi @aanandsanraj,

Website link:
Please click on “Cautare avansata”

I need to enter the date from an Excel


Why don’t you use type into activity?
What is the format of the date from excel?

As aananssanraj has said - use type into - works for me.

Then tab to the next entry box.

I do the date format in excel as I need it to work, but I don’t know how it goes…

Typeinto works, but I need to get an excel and I don’t know how


Can you share that excel?


It’s a simple Excel. The date format can be done anyway…
Cautare.xlsx (15.1 KB)

Can someone help me, please??


Please try the below code, pass your excel value instead of “6/16/2020”

Not working…
I have to select the date in the calendar,if I just write with Typeinto it doesn’t work