How can I pass BrowserTypes between AttachBrowser containers

I want o pass BrowserType as argument between different AttachBrowser containers. How can I achieve this feature.

My Main.xaml contains “Open Browser” container, also containing InvokeWorkflowFile (Login.xaml).
In Main.xaml, if I select one browsertype (say IE), how can I use same browsertype in Login.xaml.

As, I have to execute with same browsertype, every time I’m changing browsertype manually in both the xaml files.

Can some one please help me resolving this issue passing browsertype from Main.xaml to Login.xaml.

attache browser sample.xaml (6.4 KB)




The Open Browser activity has an Output property of type Browser. You can assign this to a variable and pass it as an argument to the separate workflow (Login.xaml) and then in this workflow set the Browser property of the Attach Browser activity to this argument. The Browser property will take precedence over the Browser Type property.

Here is the compilation error i’m getting on AttachBrowser container. Please find the attached screen shot and xaml file

attache browser sample_kt.xaml (6.5 KB)

Please correct me!

Delete the contents of the Selector property from the Attach Browser activity. Since you have the Browser property, the Selector property is no longer necessary.

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It worked, with some tweaks. Thanks for help!

It worked with some tweaks. Thanks for help!