How can I parse specific API XML data?


I’m a complete beginner with all of this stuff. But, the US patent office has an API that I am trying to.!/quickLookup/quickLookup)

To begin with, I’d like to learn how to parse the results of this single query:

Specifically, I am only interested in pulling data for certain attributes. For example, say I only want to pull all values where the name attribute = patAssignorName (in the above link, there is only one “hit”:“SUGIURA, MASATOSHI”). Does anyone know who I can only pull specific data like this?

I’ve looked about quite a bit, but, I can’t seem to find anything on point given the apparent complexity of this this data structure.

Any guidance would be helpful. For now, it doesn’t really matter how the XML is connected to; I am more interested in how to go about pulling specific data from it. But, ideally, a CSV file would contain a column of parameters that I would ask UI to feed into the API.

Thanks for any help!

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Hey SaladDressingDude. I’ve made a video with your exact example and data :slight_smile: Let me know, if that solved it. Kind regards, Anders


Hah, a custom-made video reply; that’s awesome! I will review this the first chance I get—thanks!!

Ok, this is brilliant and works perfectly; thanks!!!

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Awesome :slight_smile: