How can I Monitor Clipboard for changes?

How can I trigger a sequence (in an executing workflow) to run each time the clipboard value is changed by another process or program or user?

In other words, the clipboard is being set by UiPath to send data to an external program and I want UiPath to patiently wait (using minimal non looping resources) for some non-empty response data from the external program or UiPath process or user via the Clipboard.

Since there is no UiPath trigger activity for OnClipBoardChange, I am asking how I can accomplish this (ideally without a While Loop).

Hello @grosner

Can you please confirm how you are getting the value to the clipboard?


Data is first set to clipboard from UiPath. The script should wait a few seconds for different data to appear in the clipboard. While UiPath is waiting, an external non UiPath action (by user, or exe like Powershell) or other exe will write new data to the clipboard. UiPath should detect this new data and execute a sequence inside its running workflow.

This should work similar to click trigger actions but with clipboard changes instead.

Understood. but as per my understanding, no such triggers are available now.

I think you can write the clipboard data to the files after comparing the data in the current file and in the clipboard. Then use the File change trigger.


Thanks. I was looking for a way to do this with the clipboard, perhaps with a system event.

Something like this:

Clipboard.ContentChanged Event

I prefer not to use the file system.