How can I make the function in external config file active?


Now I’m working on the RPA development and I encounter the problem.
I use the external config file(excel) and the config information will be imported into dictionary<string, object> variable(Variable name:Config) once the robot started. e.g (Name:FILEPATH, Value: temp\test.txt)

If the value includes the function such as DateTime.Now.ToString(“yyyymmdd”), the function is not be evaluated in the workflow.
For example:
-In the excel sheet:
Name:FILEPATH, Value: “temp"+DateTime.Now.ToString(“yyyymmdd”)+”\test.txt"
-In workflow: Config(“FILEPATH”).ToString
Expect: temp\20180211\test.txt
Result: "temp"+DateTime.Now.ToString(“yyyymmdd”)+“test.txt”

How can I make the function in dictionary variable active?

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Hi @11115,

I have one idea.
In configuration give like this

fatching the data using below code.



Hi Arivu,

Thank you for your suggestion.
It looks working well but is there any way to include the function in external config file?

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