How can I keep clicking in one button and get details then get out and click another button

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May I ask how can I loop and get table details after a button has been clicked?

For example, click in A, get A details then come out and get click in B, then get B details etc…

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You can use element exist and make it dynamic so that it can work on all the lines then check condition if it is true then get details then connect the sequence back to element exist.

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Hi @SuperB1

You can do this by creating a dynamic selector in UiPath , first you need to identify how many rows in your table then loop on your table rows count and use a click activity inside the loop and create selector of first row e.g - suppose you want to click “A” make sure you include row number in selector using UiExplorer and then change the row number value in the selector with your current running row count value .

This way you can perform this action .
do let me know if you face any issue .
Happy Automation :slight_smile:

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Hi Shivpujan,

Thanks for your remind, I’m still working on it and will be marked as a solution once I have solved it!