How can I iterate through one list and search for text in another


This may fall under not knowing enough to properly ask the question, but here goes.

I have a windows desktop app that reads from a database. The top half of the app is a list box with a variable number of company names. When you click on a name in the top half the lower window displays information related to the company name. I need to iterate through each of the names in the top half and search a field in the lower half for a specific string.
What is the easiest or best way to this?

Thanks in advance


The easiest way would be to first use the Find Children activity on the list box itself to get an array of its elements. If indicating on screen doesn’t get you the right element, use UiExplorer to select the direct parent of the list items. Then loop over these in a For Each activity, starting with a Click with the loop variable as its Element input and followed by the actions you need to perform in the other part of the interface.