How can i iterate through facebook suite business label that i made and click on them one by one?

Hello guys i am trying to iterate through suite buisiness and click on each label that i made using find children activity but i couldn’t make it .

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Hey @Rami_Elkamel

Basically the find children output which is a collection of UiElement should be iterated in foreach and inside For-each just pass item into a click activity which should do the job.

Kindly let us know what’s the exact challenge or issue you are facing here.


thanks Nithinkrishna, i did manage to do that but now i have another problem, when i click in the first children i need to do another find children activity.

but it shows this error

this is my code if you want to take a look.
Main.xaml (22.7 KB)

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Okay, You are passing the second for-each child in click right ?

I just passed to the second for each but i didint make a second click

@Rami_Elkamel From the xml what i understood is, You need to click on Few labels and for each click you need to click on some child labels also… Correct me if my understanding is wrong.

Need to understand whether the iteration in the child labels are same for each parent labels?
If not its better to get the Parent Labels and use a for loop to loop and you can use a switch case( for each parent label)…

for example:

Trial11 Trial12
Trial 21 Trial22

You can loop through each Parent labels(Trial1,Trial2,Trial3) and use a switch case to action on child label(Trial11,Trial12 etc)…Else if the details are dynamic, you can again use Find children and use a second loop.

Better to execute in debug (step by step) mode to understand the flow and correct.

hey Rahul i need to click for each label, and each label have conversations that i need to click en them and extract some data from each conversation.

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Hey @Rami_Elkamel

You got that solved ?


Hey @Nithinkrishna
For the Click activity problem i just set ContinueOnError to True because i think there is no solution for it but this did manage to click for every conversation Thank you.

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Okay @Rami_Elkamel cool