How can I install UiPath Studio extensions without having activated a license?

My company’s laptops require admin rights to install UiPath Studio extensions like Java or Edge. I am onboarding new developers and IT will prepare their laptops, install UiPath, and ship them their laptops which then the developer will activate their license. Is it possible to install the UiPath Studio extensions without having already activated a developer license because I can only find it in the “Tools” tab of Studio which they can’t access until they have activated a license. Can you install the extensions through command line?

have a look here:

Installing extensions from the Command Prompt is done with the SetupExtensions tool, which is found in the C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\UiPath folder for Enterprise, or the cd %LocalAppData%\UiPath\app-19.x.x\UiPath folder for Preview. Please note that administrator rights are required to install extensions from the Command Prompt.