How can i insert a variable between the html body of an Outlook email body with isHtmlBody flag ticked

I’ve to make Report name variable available in between the html body … Please help.

    Hi Mahesh
Please find attached the ***{ReportName}*** Employees Information Report Extraction. Thanks !

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Refer this

thanks for your reply !
Actually, I’m not using any txt file … I’m directly editing the body with isHtmlBody flag enabled. How to achive it in that case ?


> "these links:<br><a href='"+inputFile+"'></a>."

“inputFile” is the Variable

Not working as it says compiler error : image

It got sorted. I don’t know the reason but it only works in a single line. don’t jump on to next line. Thanks !

Yeah it will worked if written in one line and including double quotes for style css also.

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