How can I insert a blank row in the data table or .csv file?

I’ve got a setup that appends the data table (generated via web scraping) to a .csv file. But this will be run multiple times to expand on the .csv file later. Each time it does this, I want an empty row separating the groups of data from each run. This could be done by inserting an empty row into the data table, or inserting it directly into the .csv file, I’m guessing. Either way, I’m unsure how to do this. It either needs to add on to the bottom, or push everything down a row and add it to the top. Thanks.

You can try Add data row activity and in the array row property keep empty.
Please follow for the reference.

Hi Nathaniel_Pillar,

You can use Add data row activity and you can mention DataTableName and Array row in Properties
ArrayRow - {“”,“”,“”} - > you can mention empty row like this