How can i import arguments

hi everyone,

i have created a workflow and add an argument inside it. (“in” format)

Then I went to the workflow that contains the workflow that I created.

But i saw that i can not import that argument. Why can not i do that?

Is there anyone who know that?

Hey @mazlumkacar

If you are passing a value inside the workflow, you need to pass the variable or a value which you have in the main workflow. Else if you are getting the value out from the workflow, you need to assign it to the variable which you have on the main workflow. May be it is confusing,

Can you explain both the variables like, in_Config on the right side and the in_Config on the left side? If both are same variables, then the error must exists

Thanks for your answer.,

Yes, both of the in_Config’s are the same argument. But why it must be error? i don’t understand that.

Hi @mazlumkacar,

If you say both its rong you need to have 3 arguments

1- See workflow panel arguments
2- See import workflow arguments
3 - See main workflow arguments

1- inseide argumentis out → OK
2- Import Arguments → OK
3 -Main must recive that argument to to take or pass your variable → have you this one ?