How Can I Implement Mutual Explosion In UiPath Robots

Hi guys, I am facing a problem. There is a process that should work on 2 different unattended robots, but not at the same time. This is called mutual explosion in operating systems. Is it possible to implement the MUTEX structure through orchestrator? If you have experienced the same problem before, how did you solve it? Waiting for your ideas.

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Hmmm…Fine buddy
Let’s keep all those technical terms aside And make it simple
So now we have two different processes to be ran in same machine at different times…hmm Yah it’s absolutely possible

And more over mutex is not about running at a time and it’s only about multiple threads Using same resource but at different time
So it’s possible in orchestrator And in addition it’s possible either even that is we can access even at a time and that’s called high density robot which can accessed from orchestrator

This will add some insights (not like a mutex structure)

Cheers @erkanceylan

I solved this problem by creating a text file in a shared file path. The process that starts the process writes LOCKED to this text file and clears the text file when the process is finished. If a different process starts while a process is running, it checks the text file and if it says LOCKED, it completes without performing the operation.

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