How can I give the RPA Studio a password?


Studio/Robot version:18.1.2

Is it intended to provide the RPA Studio with a Password?
Is there a workaround to allow access to the studio only for certain people?

Hi Just,

Have you tried adding Security Control on the properties of this file “C:\Users[Username]\AppData\Local\UiPath\UiPath.Studio.exe” ?

Hi @Just

It doesn’t make any sense for providing password for the studio.

But what are trying to achieve, and what is the requirement.

  1. Do you want only few people to open the studio and work on
  2. Do you want only few people can open the processes and edit them.
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If you want to encrypt your “xaml” files then you can use encrypt file activity and this will allow you to provide a key and the users who have the key they only can decrypt it and view the xaml files.