How can i get the value from the select item

how can i get the value from the select item? Because the same select item have different value in different condition, I want to get the value to decide to do the next step.

Hi @fightblue

Have you tried using the get text activity to read the text in the item that you select?

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the value like this in the picture

You mean click the item, get text, but the value maybe 3 or 4 or 8

Hold on… this is the acme test site right? And you are working on assignment 2 I think?

Here you dont need to read the value from the item that you select. You can have the month names in an array. Then loop through the array. In side the loop have a click activity. In the activity make the selector dynamic by introducing the array item into the selector. In the loop item will have the current iterations month. Use that in the selector to the tag that shows the month and it will click on it :slightly_smiling_face:


yes, I konw, I just make a example for you. I konw in this acme test site, the month values are fixed. But for my condition, I have a scenario, for example the month value are January February, or January March, or any other value.