How can i get the relative-position-cell vlaue?

Like this Excel.
I want to find the “bowl” , then i want to change the “price”.
If i use For Each activity, For Each rows,I can only get the different column in the same row like changing the ID,but i can’t change the Price at next row.
How can i jumping column+2 and jumping row+1 at the same time?

Hi @lipenghui

u can give row.item(0).tostring.contains(“bowl”)

Based on this you can set the value

Ashwin S

no,i want to get the row(0) column(1),and jumping the cell to change the row(1) column(3).
you can see the picture. “Item name” and “Price” not only at different Row,but also at the different Column.

hello @lipenghui
Please find the below attachment
ExcelTask.xaml (17.3 KB) Test.xlsx (8.6 KB)

It’s what i want,my problem solved.
Thank you for your help. :smiley:

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